Movie Title: AU ReformAU Reform - The movie

Political Drama

Very powerful and inspirational movie promoting African unity, peace and stability.

Log Line:
Political drama based on Dede, a Ghanaian woman on a mission to reform the African Union for the benefit of Africans worldwide. Supported by her family and opposed by the UK government, Dede achieves this despite an assassination attempt on her life.

Movie synopsis:

Born in Ghana shortly after the Falklands War, Dede Adjei’s family migrate to the UK. Dede was just 2 months old when her family arrived in Britain. She had a great childhood until she starts her first day at school, experiencing racial prejudice for the first time. Dede eventually finds her voice and courageously challenge her bigoted history teacher, embarrassing him in front of the whole classroom. She also forms a strong friendship with Deborah, another girl in her school.

Mante, Dede’s father who served as a medic in the Falklands War, instills black history and African pride into Dede from an early age. This is why Dede grows up with a burning desire to strive for African unity and progression. Upon becoming a university student, Dede begins to make her political voice heard with the assistance of Deborah. Her inspiring and powerful speeches attract the wrong type of attention from the UK government, who view Dede as a threat.

The plot thickens…

The annual African Union Conference is set to be held in Ghana. Dede, who is growing very popular throughout the African continent at this time, decides to give a speech at the conference. Dede and her younger brother Ado are very much looking forward to the trip. It will be their first time in Ghana since she left as a baby. They are looking forward to seeing their Ghanaian based family as well as attending the AU conference.

As Dede and Ado arrive in Ghana, the UK government send in Mark, an agent assassin, to have Dede poisoned. Dede’s father discovers the government’s plan and organise Dede’s security, cunningly out witting the UK government at the same time.

Dede falls in love with Owusu, an electrical engineer in Accra, much to Owusu’s mother’s disappointment. This is because Dede lacks belief in the Christian faith.

Mark gets caught stalking Dede by her security team, who proceed to kidnap Mark and hold him hostage until the AU conference is over. All the villains involved in the plot to kill Dede eventually get caught and arrested, including the British prime minister.


Some feedback from various people who have read the first 10 pages of the movie script so far:

“Very, very, very powerful. I love it”

“I love the way Dede puts that history teacher in his place. Thank you for writing stuff like this”

“All I can say is wow. Makes you want to read more”

“That is some excellent work. Can’t wait until you make it into a movie. Well done bro”

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