Proposals for AU Reform as follows:

  1. Continental school curriculum
  2. Nationalised resources
  3. Single army
  4. Redefined borders
  5. Single passport
  6. Single currency
  7. Healthcare
  8. Investment

The above 8 proposals for AU reform are broken down in the following steps.

1. An AU continental school curriculum

A continental school curriculum enforced today would promote African unity in the future. Toddlers aged 3 to 5 years old would attend nursery where the alphabet, numeracy and art would be taught to them. Furthermore, children aged between 5 to 16 years old would be taught specific core subjects throughout their school years. A reformed AU must invest in schools and education.

2. Proposals for nationalized resources

Once our new African countries are defined, taking ownership of our natural resources will be desired. Nationalization of AU resources is very much needed because we can then set the prices. We musn’t have any foreigners owning Africa’s natural land or resources anymore. If all African resources were to back a single African currency, can you imagine how strong we would be because of this?

3. AU single army

Can you imagine each African country supplying 30% of its military personnel so as to serve under a single AU military? Because of this, we would have the most powerful military in the world, serving under a reformed AU banner. There would be military training barracks built in various strategic locations in each African country. Our peace keeping force will defend Africa from domestic or foreign attack and end all the civil wars.

4. Redefined internal African borders

That divisive Berlin treaty needs replacing because it would be a patriotic and sensible thing to do. A new African thought out treaty would benefit all Africans everywhere around the globe. Africa would be in so much of a better situation if she consisted of 12 big countries instead of 54 small ones. If new borders were outlined by a reformed AU, uniting Africa would become so much easier because different tribes would merge. This is just half the battle to achieve our proposals for a reformed African Union.

5. An African Union single passport

To have a single passport would enable African citizens to travel ever so freely throughout the continent with ease. Freedom of trade and movement is currently lacking in Africa and having to obtain visas for African countries is hassle. It is also more expensive and time consuming. Africa needs a single passport because it is so overdue.

6. AU Reform & the single currency

Look carefully and you will find that there are so many advantages for having an African single currency. I want you to so think about this for a minute or two. No more red tape or complicated exchange rates. A single currency backed by African resources would make us a huge global team player. This would also put an end to so much African poverty if governed by a reformed AU.

7. Healthcare proposals

Africa has got one of the worst healthcare systems in the world today. This should not be happening and I think we are all in agreement here. If a single currency is established then this issue can be corrected. We cannot continue to have so many African women dying whilst giving birth. Only a reformed, corrupt free and independent African Union can make these positive steps happen. This is urgent because too many citizens lack sufficient health care.

8. Investment

On top of education, a reformed AU would invest in infrastructure, manufacture and agriculture. Defense, constitutional law, transport, tourism, trade, wildlife and conservation etc would benefit too. The African environment, arts, culture, black history, medicine, science and many others too numerous to mention. Would you like to see anything added to the list of the above proposals? If so then feel free to contact us in confidence.

proposals for AU Reform