New Africa. DRC – Mali – Burkina Faso – Sudan

Congo DRC AU Reform

Democratic Republic of Congo

Dear children of Democratic Republic of Congo. It is saddening that the natural resources have invited so much misery. Getting rid of greed and poor leadership in Africa is a very tough battle and needs the co-operation of everyone. It would be a huge mistake to think that our leaders are the ones to lead us in this fight. Africa is at a point whereby every individual needs to do what they can in order to contribute in moving Africa forward without waiting for others to do so first.

mali AU ReformMali

Dear children of Mali. Having a new leader doesn’t necessarily mean that a positive change is guaranteed. A positive change is guaranteed when ordinary citizens decide to be the change they want to see. This is what every ordinary citizen in Africa must do.

Concerning the farmer-herder conflicts, those involve must stop. Tolerance deserves a chance too. Surely we can resolve our problems without killing one another. For example we need food and manure for our crops. We need one another so that we can start living in harmony in our various communities. This would be a huge step towards moving Africa forward.

Burkina Faso AfricaBurkina Faso

Dear children of Burkina Faso. From among you came one of the greatest African leaders, Thomas Sankara. A great son of Africa, so he was. He had beautiful ideas. These kind of ideas that are meant for development should always be embraced.

Thomas Sankara already proved that Burkina Faso and Africa in general can be great if we want. Let’s continue from where he ended. Everyone has a role to play.

Sudan AU ReformSudan

Dear children of Sudan. this devastating flood is reminding us that being each other’s keeper and showing love for one another is not optional. These ways of life are greatly needed during such a moment. May the flood subside soon.

The leadership crisis is a general problem. The first step to solving our leadership problems is that those who are not yet in the position where important decisions are taken should start preparing for such a position now by doing their best to be good leaders and generally bringing out the best in them where they are now.

We must not repeat the mistakes of our leaders otherwise we will not move forward.

Special guest blogger, Mr. Aye B. Kiven.

Pan-Africanist. Political activist. Script writer. In that order.

2 Comments on “New Africa. DRC – Mali – Burkina Faso – Sudan

  1. Great and motivating statements of encouragement.
    The oppressed is responsible for his own liberation.
    The real change is with the people and at the grassroots.
    Thank you so much.