Open Letter to the African Union

African Union ReformAn open letter to the African Union (AU) as follows.

The AU is an institution founded on the grounds of Pan-Africanism, but seems to have lost its focus and is no longer in the interest of Africans in the Diaspora and on the continent. As stated on an earlier post we plan on writing an open letter to the AU and have now other organisations behind us. If you know of any other organisation you think would support this cause, please contact myself or any member of the admin team.
Here are the points in summary, please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas to implement the points below:

  • Disregard of the Berlin Conference Treaty, we want one Africa without borders
  • African citizenship rather than citizenship of a specific country
  • Automatic citizenship for people of African decent
  • Make Caribbean countries part of Africa
  • One currency
  • No foreign aid
  • No foreign military on Africa’s soil
  • A United African military force
  • Free trade zone
  • Termination of all contracts that are not in Africa’s interest
  • Common fight for reparations for African Americans and African Caribbeans first.
  • Termination of the payment of colonial taxes, support for former French colonies
  • Termination of the Commonwealth relationship
  • Free afrocentric education and investment in our youth
  • Rejections of all foreign institutions such as WHO, UN
  • Ownership of all mineral African resources
  • All banking to return to AfricaTransparency and full accountability of the AU and its members
  • Repatriation programmes for people of the Diaspora
  • Accountability structure that replaces and punishes corrupt political figures who do not have Africa and its people at heart.

A truly decolonised Africa our ancestors who fought for our freedom would approve.

The Above Letter

This open letter to the African Union was written by a group called M.A.L.A, an acronym for Make African Leaders Accountable. They are a fast growing Pan-African Facebook group, actively seeking ways to improve Africa’s current situation. Many of the points raised are similar to our list of proposals. The AU Reform Organisation would like to thank M.A.L.A for allowing us to share this letter.

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